Even most people engaged on climate change issues don't have a concrete appreciation of what's likely in our future.
At its root, it's about climate change. The media will never, ever tell you this.
Our leaders, businesses and institutions are MIA when it comes to dealing with climate change. You won't like who finally steps up to the plate to solve…
Nationalization, expropriation and revolutionary violence will sweep away any semblance of an "orderly" transition to renewable energy.
We were doomed to fail in Afghanistan because we had no idea what we were really doing there.
A legally, intellectually and morally bankrupt majority of the U.S. Supreme Court is profoundly ignorant of its own bloody history.
Facebook is faulty not just because of its rapacious mismanagement, but because it is fundamentally incapable of understanding human relationships.
The story of the amazing book that records half a millennium of Irish history--a book which no one has laid eyes on in centuries.
Lauding the Glasgow climate pact's "successes" obscures the frightening dimensions of its failures.
The former President bathed the African wilderness in blood, but that doesn't mean he didn't have an environmental conscience.
Expecting the Democratic Party to stop America's slide toward fascism ignores both historical context and Democrats' inherent nature.
My second novel in nine months was written, as was the last one, in the shadow of political and environmental fear.