When I stopped celebrating Christmas, I found as an unexpected fringe benefit that I now enjoy the holidays more than I used to.
The "metaverse" will be a horrific dystopia encouraging us to give up on the real world.
The latest fad in climate change self-delusion is going to look dreadful in historical hindsight.
We all know what happened the morning after. What was Saturday, December 6, 1941 like?
Even most people engaged on climate change issues don't have a concrete appreciation of what's likely in our future.
This film, made in the 1970s about the 1930s, is arguably more relevant to conditions in 2021 than it ever was.
A farmer's misplaced hammer led to the discovery of an incredible cache of Roman-era artifacts.
Lauding the Glasgow climate pact's "successes" obscures the frightening dimensions of its failures.
A failed treaty from 1928 has lessons for how agreements to address climate change are likely to play out.
The late JFK Jr., now a darling of the QAnon crowd, once sat down to dinner with Oliver Stone. It didn't go well.
The world is our oyster in Manhattan in the mid-1980s as far as dining, movies and shows. As long as it's not Cats.
Massive retail spaces are dying. Their graves are marked with a legacy of cultural and environmental ruin.